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Here is a list of our favorite links about chiropractic. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to drjjohnson@bellsouth.net.



ACA - American Chiropractic Association

Back Pain Facts & Statistics


Chiropractic Education Info       

D.C.  vs  M.D. classroom hours

(Doctor of Chiropractic - D.C.)

World Chiropractic Alliance

Chiropractic Basics


World Chiropractic Alliance

Chiropractic History


The AMA Conspiracy Against Chiropractic

AMA found Guilty in Supreme Court

(American Medical Association - AMA)

World Chiropractic Alliance

Chiropractic and the Risk of Stroke


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If you are not sure chiropractic care can help you, you can meet with Dr. Johnson to see if your case is a one that chiropractic typically helps!

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